So who are Wild Child Inc & what is this all about?

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In the spring of 2020, something happened that changed my life forever.  And I don't just mean the global pandemic or suddenly becoming a keyworker. Nope. I moved house and my commute changed from 90mins each way to 5 minutes each way.

So what was I going to do with all this extra free time that I had?  I realised my longtime dream of turning a hobby of digital design and photography into my own online business.  And Wild Child Inc was born. 

Wild Child Inc is my home on the internet where I can sell my bold birthday cards, edgy prints and my new found love of digital watercolour prints.  

I'm no stranger to running a business, or selling.  It's my day job - I've worked in retail all my life but my spare time (which, I've got a lot more of these days now I'm not spending most of my time on trains!) I love nothing more than designing and creating. 

I'm slowly but surely updating my shop with some of my recent designs, including some of the funniest lockdown themed birthday cards, which I'm super proud of!

There will be new wall art and birthday cards added to the site on a weekly basis as well as new features such customisable prints and framed prints, but I'm currently working on a solution to offer these to my customers. 

Please give us a follow on Facebook if you like what you see for future updates!

Laters, M x


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